Terra by Sanne Weekers 2


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Juweel voor de plant. Hermetisch afgesloten en creëert daardoor zijn eigen ecosysteem.
Levertijd in overleg.

Hoog: 160 cm
Breed: 60 cm

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By constantly being in a busy urban environment we crave for our moments with nature. This project started as a form research about intuition and floral shapes and resulted in an ode to nature in our current environment. My work is like a ‘jewel’ for the plant and the shape gives it an ideal self sufficient environment.

The skeleton of the greenhouse is made by steel and welded with a special brass welding wire. Sketches are drawn in 3D modelling programs and come to life by various laser techniques. The greenhouses are hermetically closed so the plants create their own eco-system.

Sanne Weekers

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